Let Your Light Shine...

Capital Campaign 2018

Capital Campaign Timeline

April 1
Easter Sunday, kicking off the Capital Campaign

April 8
Ascension Ed ( 9 a.m., Parish Hall ) Fr. Paul will offer more details about the improvements to be made

Week of April 22  
Small group meetings to present on improvements and allow for all questions from all members, more information to come.

May 13
Celebration of the Feast of the Ascension with Bishop visitation, our ingathering Sunday. Each member has the opportunity to offer their “faith promise” as a part of our worship

May 20
Pentecost Sunday, we will celebrate this Feast Day with a report on the initial in-gathering and festivities that include a grand picnic.

Work on the projects begins this summer.

A word from our Pastor

Ascension is a remarkable place. We gather each week to celebrate and honor God and the ministry we share. We strive to reflect God’s love and grace in all we do. As we gather each Easter, our Paschal candle serves to remind us that Christ is the light of the world.

We also recall our baptismal covenant and renew our commitment to God. The Gospel of Matthew captures this well in the verses that follow the Beatitudes, “In the same way, let your light shine before people, so they can see the good things you do and praise your Father who is in heaven.” ( Matthew 5:16 ) Empowered with the Holy Spirit, we are reminded of our call to be light to the world.

These verses may apply particularly well for us at Ascension at this time. I believe our light shines brightest through our ministries. Our formation, outreach and pastoral care all reflect the light and love of God. The dedication and
talent are outstanding, a resplendent shining forth of the Light of Christ. Further, Ascension has been blessed with fantastic space, both indoor and outdoor.  Having spaces designated for honoring God in worship, formation and outreach help us in our ministry.

As our buildings age, we seek to modernize them so they can continue to serve us and the community well. Our light shines brightest when our facilities reflect the dynamic life of our parish. I am excited to share this process with each of you and look forward to seeing these improvements complete.

Fr. Paul

What are we proposing to do

Upper Building/Youth House

  • Complete renovation of interior, updated floor plan
  • Built-in cabinets to host food pantry in part of the building
  • Unified HVAC and electric metering
  • Exterior updates and improvements including clear entrance

Main Building - Nave, Narthex & Parish Hall

  • Replace all red tile throughout
  • Nave: upgraded sound system to add live-streaming and improve service to hearing-impaired
  • Nave: upgraded lighting
  • Nave and Parish Hall: replace or repair large wooden doors with wood frame, glass interior doors
  • Restrooms: updated and renovated
  • Replace Welcome Desk, include electronic kiosks for checking in and donating

Other campus improvements

  • Update classrooms
  • HVAC controller and units replacement
  • Exterior doors to undercroft & kitchen: replace
  • Garden sheds: Remove and replace
  • Small playground: Add sun shade tarps
  • Chapel: add etched-glass windows
  • Parlor: improve lighting
  • Entrance doors: add electronic buttons to open doors for handicapped access
  • Digital marquee: upgrade LED lights

Aspirational items ( pending sufficient funding )

  • Corridor lighting: improved
  • Home: purchase a home bordering our property
Exterior of Upper Building redo

What is the cost estimate for the projects?

The cost estimate for completing the items on the list is $1,500,000

Why are we doing this?

Upper Building / Youth House

  • Enhances our youth program
  • Expands our outreach and growth potential
  • Makes our facilities more appealing and inviting to our community
  • Allows us to serve more people through our food pantry ministry
  • Helps people far from God find new life in Christ

How is our project going to be financed?

We will be conducting a three-year capital campaign to raise funds to support a line-of-credit that will be used to make the renovations and improvements. The number of projects completed will be dependent on the results of our funding program.

It’s your time to Let Your Light Shine!

  • Begin praying for God’s blessing and guidance on this project
  • Ask God to reveal to you what your personal financial commitment will be

A word from our Capital Campaign General Team Coordinator

Today marks another milestone in the life of Ascension with the successful launch of Let Your Light Shine. What a privilege for God to include us in the expansion of His kingdom, here in Lake Highlands and beyond.  God is so gracious and has provided the right person to guide us in this faith forward journey in Father Paul.  As Episcopalians and Christians, we must develop and follow a lifestyle of faith. Join me in re-surrendering all to God, listening to His voice, praying for our mission, obeying His word and watching the miraculous. Join me as our spiritual journey continues and in Letting Your Light Shine!

John R. Owen
General Team Coordinator

Interior of Upper Building Redo