Keeping up with sermons

Sermons are an important part of our worship.  They are a first step at 'responding' to God's word, they offer interpretation and hopefully an important step in forming us as disciples.  While most preachers wrestle with worthiness in this important task, we continue to stand before the congregation and offer our best.  I find this to be a real blessing.

Being present for the sermon as it is delivered live is best.  It fits in the context of our worship service, framed in prayer, worship through song and the scriptures.  It fits in the context of our gathering as a community as well.  That said, we do our best to capture it and offer it online as well.  

We post the sermons online for several reasons.  Those members who are unable to join us on Sunday, either temporarily because of travel or illness, or more permanently due to location or advanced age.  Currently, we record the sermon both in audio and video format.  We have a great team that helps make this possible.  

The audio is posted to a podcast that can be accessed through this site, or through 'Podbean' or iTunes (Apple Music).  The video files are posted to YouTube, mostly these are posted to the "Ascension Celebrations" page that can be accessed through our video page.

More recently we have started experimenting with live streaming too.  Mostly this been via a personal Facebook page, but may soon make it to our Ascension page.  This has the added advantage of being real-time, but also remains on Facebook.

We hope all of these options help our members stay connected when they cannot be present.  We also hope that they serve as a means of evangelism.  If a sermon has been particularly meaningful to you, you can share the recording (audio or video) with a friend or family member.  Those who find us online can view some of the sermons and find out a bit more about who we are through this medium too.  

Thanks for listening (and reading).  Thanks for your support in this community of faith.  Thanks for sharing the sermons, as a means of sharing your faith community and your faith.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul