On Scripture

The Bible is an incredible book.  I've heard it argued that it is actually a library of books, which is great if you've got a book reading quota to meet, but otherwise feels somewhat trivial.  It is a collection of writings and stories that tell a story.   I love the story. 

I found the story of God's people, as found in scripture, fascinating at an early age.  I've had many Bibles, but a few have 'stayed' with me longer, including a newsprint copy that caught my attention early.  In part, the reading plan in the back caught my attention.  I began checking off various readings as I made my way through as a teenager, although I never completed the task in that Bible.

In seminary I was struck by the fact that I was unsure if I had read every verse of the Bible.  Struck more so because I knew that part of the ordination service included my profession that I believed the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be inspired by God.  I did not think it was fair to make such a profession unless I completed the journey.  I had a lot of other reading to do, so I got more systematic.  This helped me complete the task, but the desire for the story continued.  

During my first year as a priest I reread the entire Bible with a few members who were studying for ordination, along with then Deacon (now priest) Ann Whitney.  During that year I also found a podcast "The Daily Audio Bible".  Now, I have read (and listened) through the Bible many times over.  With each subsequent reading I have moments where I think, "I love this part..." and "I don't remember this part!".

As much as I love the story, I also love what is not said.  It keeps my imagination turning and keeps me seeking understanding and thinking about God.  I hope that you too are reading scripture daily, or regularly.  How else might we engage with these stories together?