God Incarnate

Prayer is a moment of incarnation - God with us.
God involved in the details of my life.

                                                        ― Paul E. Miller

The story of Christmas is an audacious tale. Early Christianity did not even delve into these mysteries, focusing almost entirely on the Resurrection, with a dose of how to follow "the way" that Jesus offered us. Several generations passed before the act of "incarnation" was truly contemplated. God came to be human, God came as an infant in great humility.

Jesus is so much more than an atonement story. Each year as we celebrate the incarnation, something new surfaces, but a few things seem ever-present as well. First, Jesus was always part of the plan. Sending Jesus was not some afterthought solution to a disconnect between God and the world, Jesus was always part of the plan. Also, the world often misleads our understanding of power. The notion that power comes through force, might and conquest is corrected in Jesus Christ.

As we gather to celebrate the incarnate God, perhaps the story may be unveiled in new ways to you as well. May we be awestruck by the blessing we receive in God made manifest; may we be transformed by the life of Christ as it is revealed to us in scripture and in the life of the Church; may we reflect the joy of God throughout this season, that the radiance of God be known throughout the world.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul