Storm update from Fr. Paul

The storm that swept through much of Texas took a toll on Dallas and many other communities. Prayers for all affected are needed, many are taking action too! I know many members are busy tending to immediate needs at their homes and helping others around.

At church there has been some substantial damage. The trees around our campus have been damaged, many will be lost entirely. Some damage to the roof, particularly where the tree in the herb garden fell onto the room. Further, the drains were clogged by excessive leaves, causing flooding above - the trickle down effect was in full force. Many ceiling tiles were damaged and the full extend of this damage is yet to be known. Some of our A/C units were damaged, others were blown off of their base and will need to be assessed further prior to powering up. Conduits to these roof units and some lighting also will need to be checked. The garden has also lost nearly all of the current plants.

All in all we are fortunate, the Nave saw some water around doors and windows, but no known damage there, including the organ and piano. It doesn’t appear that we lost any of our many, many windows!

Many members and friends stopped today to help as we begin our clean up effort, thank you! Clean up inside and out will continue throughout the week. Your help, as you’re able, and your prayers are appreciated. I have been in touch with the Diocesan Director of Natural Disasters, The Rev. Keith Tuberville, who may help us offer aid to those in our community in the days and weeks ahead. More updates will be posted as we’re able.

Fr. Paul