Wearing your faith for all to see

"The finest clothing made is a person's own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this." - Mark Twain

Our clothing is often an extension of our personality.  It can offer a glimpse to who we are, or even hint at our profession.  It can also help us connect with others who share an interest, whether sports team or university alum.  I was stopped in a crowd recently as someone stepped over to say, "Aloha" recognizing my shirt with a phrase from Hawai'i.  We briefly traded stories about living there.

Those who have attended youth gatherings with me can attest to my affinity for shirts with Jesus on them.  One with Jesus on a surfboard is particularly popular, others include clever captions, most of them help begin conversations with others and an opportunity to talk about faith.

We have started a "Booster" campaign, where you can order shirts that feature the church logo.  Our family has placed an order and I hope you will too.  There are a few options, men's and women's styles, long and short sleeve.  This method allows you to place an order that can be shipped to your house, or to the church.  It will reduce overages, but also will help us raise money to support our life and ministry at Ascension.  The shirts will be helpful as we go to serve together.  

The timing of the order is such to allow delivery before 'Fresh Food Day' this fall.  

Order yours here

Blessings -
Fr. Paul