Hurricane Harvey

I imagine many of us have been overwhelmed by images of the flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas.  Hopefully, we have also found some small joy in learning of the effort of the "Cajun Navy" a group of volunteers that are helping with the rescue effort.  I know many of us traded stories and "check-ins" with relatives as we gathered for church yesterday.

Moving forward, I wanted to note a few ways we can help.

Pray.  Don't underestimate the power of prayer for those in the affected areas. 

Give.  You will likely get various requests for monetary support, for this and any other number of causes.  Let me recommend giving through Episcopal Relief and Development.  This is a go-to way to help following a disaster with a faith-based, responsible approach to supporting various needs.  The Bishop wrote today to encourage our support in this way too.

Offer.  Some are listing their homes, or rooms therein on AirBnb and other sites with no fee for victims of flooding... there are other ways to 'jump in' and offer time and talent here in Dallas, as we are "close".  Items are being collected at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church as they offer a local response.

May the Spirit of God watch over us, and those in need across our world, as we endeavor to be Christ and reflect the love we have received back to the world.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul