Daily Prayer

The church expects that it's members pray daily.  Indeed, the Book of Common Prayer includes sets of prayers for our use.  I realize that these are not always used as we enter into prayer, often we sigh prayers of need as the needs arise, or for those in our lives as they come to mind.  This may happen as we go about our day.   I wanted to encourage those who have not used a set of prayers to consider a few options.  

The Book of Common Prayer is glorious, but complicated at times.  This blog (https://dailyoffice.wordpress.com/) makes it easy.  It outlines a set of prayers from our prayer book for morning and evening everyday.  It includes the scriptures from the daily lectionary and more.  Bookmark it, use it, let it make this process a bit easier and more accessible.  

Another favorite for me is the book "Common Prayer" which is loosely based upon our liturgy.  Shane Claiborne collaborated with a few others to create this prayer resource.  I have given the actual book to off-going vestry members the last few years, we also have a set in the office if you'd like to see it.  We use it weekly as a staff.  It is also available online!  Find it here (http://commonprayer.net/) - bookmark it, use it.

Whether you use these resources, or some other model, continue to pursue methods of daily prayer.  Doing this will shape your life, your faith and deepen your connection with God and your community.  It's amazing how transformative it can be.