Fresh Food Day 2017

'Fresh Food Day' is Ascension’s All Parish Service Day

This year it will take place on Saturday October 7th, from 11am-2pm

It is an opportunity for all Ascension members to come together, reaching out to the community demonstrating the love of Christ. We join other nonprofits and community organizations host fun and engaging healthy eating and lifestyle activities for our neighbors living in
multifamily housing on Whitehurst Drive.  Volunteers of all ages are needed in many ways including being a “host” to the many organizations who are volunteering to provide fun activities.

Please join us for the 7th annual Fresh Food Day, register here

For information contact Dabney Dwyer

Dallas Hunger Summit

“Break our hearts with the things that break yours. Make us voices in the wilderness that cry out for your kingdom to come on earth.” Common Prayer, A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

With recent hurricane events, this passage spoke out to me that God wants us to feel the pain and suffering in the world as he feels …and surely felt for his Son on the cross.  Many people in Houston and surrounding areas are devastated in ways that many of us cannot identify with…total loss of all personal possessions, lack of clean water, homelessness and hunger. The Presiding Bishop encourages us to wait for action in the flooded areas, but asks that we consider donating to Episcopal Relief and Development. This way, needed funds can be allocated to Texas Dioceses directly involved and can disperse funds in a way that addresses the most serious needs.

Many evacuees are expected to come to Dallas to seek shelter and basic needs such as water, clothes and food.  We can get involved in numerous ways as volunteer opportunities become more apparent. It is also important for us all to realize that recent events will increase the number of people who are food insecure in our state, and in our cities.

For those of you interested in food insecurity please plan to attend the 6th Annual Dallas Hunger Summit located at Cliff Temple Baptist Church.  I am please to say that the Diocese is a sponsor of this event!  Participants will enjoy listening to a variety of speakers as well as engage in breakout sessions focusing on proven ways to seriously impact hunger in the community. For more information and to register, go to:



Dabney Dwyer
Community Outreach Liaison
Episcopal Diocese of Dallas