Update on Construction

“We can have no progress without change...” - John Wooden

Thank you to all who participated in the tour of the Youth and Outreach Center last Sunday! It was fantastic to share the space with all of you and to see the collective excitement grow. The prayers and hopes you wrote on stickies and placed throughout the building are inspiring and some have already been posted to social media. The building continues to see progress this week with insulation underway since Sunday.

Work continues across the campus with the replacement of the flat roof above the narthex and parish hall. There was some asbestos abatement as we removed the damaged choir room flooring. The replacement flooring there and elsewhere is being scheduled as soon as possible. The tree limbs along Greenville have also been removed. Some projects require more planning or quotes than others. The work in the nave has slowed as we work to obtain more quotes on sound and lighting work.

It is exciting to see the progress each week and updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Please continue to hold our projects, our leaders and our staff in prayer as we complete these projects.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul