Construction and Repairs Update

In addition to all of the usual work happening at Ascension, there is construction. Some of this is work planned for through the Capital Campaign, other parts are repairs following the storm in June. We are doing our best to post regular updates, including photos and video through social media. This update will offer a few more details.

The work of our "Let Your Light Shine" Capital Campaign began last summer with the updates throughout the Courtyard classrooms. Work on the upper building began late last year, but really got underway over the summer months. It is remarkable to see the vision of a renewed youth and outreach center being created, we hope to have occupancy of the space in November. At that time the Elaine Kadane Food Pantry will also move into a space designed for this ministry.

Other work completed by the campaign includes the replacement of the playground equipment on the smaller "north" playground. This was included in the original campaign. Initially we were unsure if this project would remain in the scope of work, but generous contributions from parents and a commitment to the campaign by the school meant that it was able to be included as well.

The repairs following the storm in June have been slow. In part, due to delays with the insurance company and in part scheduling the various contractors needed. We received the initial funding from the insurance this week. I am delighted to say that the remediation of mold and mildew in the Nave has begun. This work will improve the condition of our worship space. Following the remediation there will be some cosmetic repairs required as well. We are hopeful that we might schedule the work to improve the lighting and sound in the nave prior to the cosmetic repairs. This could help us reduce the total expense as well as the disruption to our worship space.

There were temporary repairs to the damage of the roof and HVAC earlier this summer. The work to replace the roof begins this week as well. It was also confirmed that the temporary repair to the roof is sufficient for us to proceed with our other internal repairs, such as the flooring and wall repairs. And...for those who are wondering, the limbs along the road will be removed soon as well.

Thank you for your patience in this process. Thank your for your support and contributions. We are working on a more complete update on the financial impact of all of this as well. Both with the capital campaign and storm repairs additional funds are helpful. As to the capital funds we expect to outline what else could be accomplished with further contributions. General gifts are helpful as we address the ongoing storm repair, while the insurance covers the largest items, there are often other expenses along the way. Ascension needs your continued support, in prayer and in contributions.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul