The Lord's Prayer

This Sunday, we will be looking at The Lord’s Prayer. It’s so familiar that I wonder if we even think about it much when we’re saying the words. Yet Jesus’ lesson in prayer holds the key to a true relationship with God. Instead of praying so that we might “get right with God,” we should instead look at prayer as a means of atonement.

Author Scot McKnight writes that true prayer is facing God honestly and humbly, with all our heart and soul, and it is facing God together in community. This is atonement. And atonement allows us to commune fully with God. Here is salvation!

Jesus says, “Come pray with me.” He doesn’t say, “Wait until your life is perfect and then come pray with me." Instead he welcomes us in our brokenness. He gives us the Holy Spirit and through the Spirit, we can better understand and cope with life’s problems. May you set aside some time for Christ this week, in faith, believing.

God's Peace,
Mother Marci+