Who is my Neighbor?

In this week's Gospel text from Luke, Jesus tells the classic parable of the Good Samaritan. The parable is in response to a lawyer's question, "And who is my neighbor?" A deeper reading of the Greek text implies that the lawyer is not so much wanting to "trick" Jesus as he is trying to truly understand Jesus' meaning. There is some urgency on his part to realize the path to eternal life. When Jesus tells the lawyer to, "Go and do likewise," he is telling the man to literally "make himself like" the Samaritan. Since the Samaritan is himself an outcast in the Jew's eyes, Jesus' meaning is profound. He is not dismissing the lawyer. He is telling him to humble himself

like the outcast, in order that he might understand what it is to be that person that's ignored, scorned, and in need. When we look with eyes humbled by the love of Christ, we see the needs of others much more clearly.

When Tracy and I traveled to the Texas border, we both gained a new understanding of "Who is my neighbor?" Now is the time to ask ourselves this question. Who is my neighbor? Who am I as a Christian? What could I do to assist the church in caring for others? Well, I've got great news -- there are many ways to assist!

Volunteer! You are needed! Contact Mother Marci if you are interested in any of the following areas: picking up food from Sharing Life for our Food Pantry, helping in the Food Pantry, baking lasagnas and serving at Austin Street on Saturday, Aug. 3rd, raising funds for KIDS-U backpacks, stocking the Tasby Middle School food pantry, serving as a Stephen Minister, visiting our homebound, preparing meals for the sick, and collecting items/setting up refugee resettlement apartments (through Hope Harbeck at this time).

And if your soul really needs a new perspective, consider going on a Courts and Ports mission trip. We still have 3 spaces open for the Sept. 15 - 18 trip. Let me know immediately if you can join the team that's going.

In considering, "Who is my neighbor?," consider how you might be a Good Samaritan to someone in need today!

God's Peace,
Mother Marci+