Conflict Between Busy-ness and Spirituality

There is probably no better text in the Gospels that describes the conflicts between busy-ness and spirituality as Luke 10:38-42. As Martha bustles around getting ready to host Jesus and his friends for dinner, her sister Mary sits at Jesus' feet to listen to him and to bask in his presence. When Martha becomes frustrated by Mary's seeming laziness, Jesus reminds her that what Mary is seeking --HIM -- is way more important.

I'm afraid I'm guilty of being Martha much more than Mary. Responsibilities and distractions usually convince me that I do not have enough time for the contemplation of the Holy. Yet this is not what God wants for us. Only ONE thing is needed, says Jesus -- a divine synergy of relationship. God wants us to put Him first, but He doesn't want us to do so at the expense of efforts on His behalf. If our efforts to create a banquet fit for God Himself leave us exhausted and overwhelmed, then we've missed the feast itself!

Jesus is our Living Bread and our Water of Life. According to author Joanna Weaver, ("Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World," Random House: New York, 2000), only one thing is needed. Fellowship. She writes that we must first invite Jesus into our hearts to rule and reign. Next, ask God to reveal the next steps. Then have faith that what needs to get done will get done. And finally, be open to the Spirit's leading. My prayer for you is that you will take some time during these warm summer days to imagine yourself sitting at Jesus' feet, basking in his loving presence. Listen to what He tells you. Rest. And enjoy the banquet.

God's Peace,
Mother Marci+