Bishop Wayne Smith's Visit

“Prosperity is the blessing of the Old Testament; adversity is the blessing of the New.”- Francis Bacon

Blessings cannot always be seen as blessings. A teacher with high expectations may frustrate their students, while blessing them by instilling diligence. As the waters rise, more rain does not feel like a blessing, but may be needed to keep us from future drought. Other blessings can be seen more clearly. Part of following Jesus is trusting that the blessings will be made known in due time. 

The Feast of the Ascension always comes forty days after Easter Sunday. So, as Easter moves, so too our feast day moves each year. As it falls on a Thursday, we often move the celebration to a Sunday to ensure the fullest participation possible. This year we are blessed to have the presence of The Right Reverend Wayne Smith with us.

Bishop Smith provides pastoral oversight to Ascension, St. Thomas and Transfiguration. While he won't be able to join us on a Sunday this time, he will be present on Ascension Day itself: Thursday, May 30th. And this is exciting! I hope you will join us as Bishop Smith celebrates the re-dedication of our new community garden at 7pm. Bishop Smith will also address those who gather and we can continue to get to know him during the reception that follows.   

Blessings - 
Fr. Paul