New Telephone System

“Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two,

opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none.”  - Doug Larson

There have been some on-going issues with the office phone system at Ascension. Despite our best efforts, the old system was no longer viable. We are pleased to say we have a new system in place this week! The office number remains (214) 340-4196. As you call, or leave a message, please be patient as we learn this new system.

The new system brings several advantages in terms of connectivity. Each staff person will have a direct number once again, some of these were not functioning properly with the old system. Check your @Ascension email for the direct dial numbers.

The new system also allows us to take calls on these numbers via our cell phones, allowing greater access to the phone, but also to our voicemail. I believe this will be particularly helpful for any pastoral calls. The direct lines for clergy can be called at anytime, it may go to voicemail after hours, but we will get a notification and be able to return your call.

For those who are interested, further good news includes that the phones were free. The new service cost is slightly higher than the prior service, but the additional functions and flexibility improves our use of the system considerably. It also includes conferencing and video conferencing. We expect that all of these features will help us improve our total communication with everyone.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul