Celebrating the Resurrection

The death of the Lord our God should not be a cause of shame for us; rather, it should be our greatest hope, our greatest glory. In taking upon himself the death that he found in us, he has most faithfully promised to give us life in him, such as we cannot have of ourselves.    - St. Augustine

Every Sunday is a celebration of the Resurrection. Every Sunday is a "little Easter". The week leading up to Easter is an important time for us as a church. It is the culmination of all of our Lenten preparation, the homestretch of our Lenten disciplines.  The liturgies and traditions of the week were developed over generations to honor all that transpired as Christ made his way to the cross.

Participating in the services of Holy Week will accentuate the celebration we offer on Easter. As we gather this Sunday we recall the triumphant entry to Jerusalem, the trials that Jesus and his followers faced and the Passion of Jesus. Some have argued that including the passion is jumping ahead to Good Friday, although it is significant for us to consider these events as a collective whole. As the week progresses we examine the events more closely in our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.  

While many have attended to these traditions their whole life, others may be experiencing them for the first time. I hope that you will invest yourselves in as much of this as possible. A few things to highlight as you mark your calendars, the formation hour (9am) this Sunday will offer a variety of activities as we consider the story we hear on Palm Sunday; there is a "night-watch" from the Maundy Thursday service until noon on Good Friday, you can sign up here to participate; the Easter Vigil service recalls God's redemptive acts of mercy in a unique way, if you've never been to this service perhaps you can try it for the first time this year!

If you have any questions about the services of Holy Week don't be shy, reach out to Mother Marci or me by phone or email, or stay after to visit about what is offered. I look forward to our collective prayer and witness to these services in the week ahead.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul