Building Connections

Name tags are one of those funny things we know are helpful, but many of us are resistant to wearing them. It's almost universal. In high school I didn't really like wearing name tags, a close friend and I had t-shirts printed with our names to wear whenever we knew we'd have to wear name tags.  

Later, I had a fascination with the variety of name tags encountered throughout a day - store clerks, wait staff, etc. I began asking people for their name tags which was the beginning of a rather odd collection of name tags from various places. I even managed to collect a vest from one retailer, complete with embroidered name tag. I attached my collection to this vest and wore it on "odd" occasions.

We think name tags are for others, not for us. They may be helpful to us, but really, they are a tool to help welcome visitors. At Ascension we have printed name tags for most members and regular attendees, as well as a form to request printed name tags or make changes. For first-time visitors, there are blank name tags. We have permanent name tags for greeters, ushers and vestry members. 

I hope that we will all commit to wearing our name tags regularly. Wear them for others who may be joining us for the first time; wear them for those who have arrived in the last weeks and are still getting to know us. It will help us build connections and be one body in Christ.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul