Update on Capital Campaign Projects

“Delay is preferable to error.”    - Thomas Jefferson

An update on the Capital Campaign projects is overdue. While I spoke to this briefly at the Annual Meeting, I know that not everyone was present and there is more to say. The work on the Upper Building began long ago and at that time the general contractor assured us the renovations could be completed by now. There have been a variety of factors that delayed this process, most recently an incomplete bid list.

In January we realized that we likely would need to change general contractors in order to complete the project as intended. We identified a possible replacement and had preliminary meetings. In the last two weeks we terminated the contract with the original general contractor and are transitioning to new oversight and management of the project. Even so, we will not likely see immediate progress other than removal of the construction fence and portable office. We expect that this change will result in more timely progress thereafter and a better final product that will meet our future needs as intended.

Once a permit is obtained from the city and the bid process for the Upper Building renovation is completed, we will move to finalize the scope of work in the main building. The sound and lighting in the Nave remain high priorities along with other accessibility features (like push button door openers).  We are grateful for the support, financial and otherwise, of the parish as well as your patience. As things progress we welcome any additional commitments to the work of this campaign.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul