Hi, my name is . . . .

Late summer is a time when we often reconnect with folks and start new things. You may have noticed new individuals and families at Ascension recently. For that matter, some reading this email may have joined us in the last few weeks!  I want to encourage everyone, new and continuing, to help cultivate connections.

Please make use of the name tags on the kiosk. There is also a form to request one if you don't currently have one. More than this, I hope you will introduce yourself to someone you don't know. Many members take the extra step to then introduce guests to Mother Marci and myself, which we appreciate. 

There are many ways to help newcomers connect. Sitting together in church may help guide them through our way of worship. Asking about their interests can help introduce them to meaningful ministry and others that share similar interests. It can be easy to assume someone knows how to connect, but I hope we will each make the extra effort to ensure everyone feels welcome and valued as a part of our community of faith.

Blessings -

Fr. Paul