"We are afraid to care too much, 
for fear that the other person does not care at all."

                                                      - Eleanor Roosevelt

Within my address at the Annual Parish Meeting this year, I noted that I see Ascension as moderate. Many smiles and nods seemed to affirm this description. Indeed, I intended this as a compliment, although any 'label' can be misused or misunderstood. In part, I wanted to affirm that we are a place where all are welcome, as well as be a place where self-identified conservatives and liberals (or whatever other labels we may choose) commit to community together.  I believe this needs to be stated, or reaffirmed.

Even as I speak to a particular issue in church, I am grateful for our differing opinions. These differences can prompt difficult conversations, but in turn can lead to a greater understanding of the complex issues of our time. Our collective desire for God diminishes whatever differences we may have. The unitive power of the Holy Spirit also fosters our connection.

Political affiliations, as important as they may be, pale in comparison to the bond we share in Christ. May we remember our shared commitment in our Baptismal promises. May Christ be our companion as we speak with one another and with others about the issues of our time. May God grant us courage and wisdom as we seek to offer the world the love we receive from God.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul