Sacred Meal

Holy Communion was a web, a web of people being stitched together.  And tomorrow, we would need to be stitched together again.- Nora Gallagher 

As we approach the fourth Sunday of Advent, I want for us to continue to examine spiritual disciplines. This week we consider our Sacred Meal. I begin by calling it "Sacred Meal" because I believe that it is holy and that it connects us with the other Abrahamic faiths. While Jews and Muslims practice some sort of a sacred meal differently, they still observe it as a discipline.  

The Christian practice of the sacred meal goes by many names, such as  Holy Eucharist, Communion, and the Lord's Supper. The Episcopal Church favors "Eucharist," which comes from the Greek "eukaristia" which is literally translated as "thanksgiving." This is an act of mutual gratitude between God and those who gather. It cannot be done alone; it requires community. 

The practice of receiving Eucharist regularly will transform you. Through the Eucharist, we receive Christ Himself. We are nourished by His body and blood. I find that the moments after I receive Communion are deeply profound. My awareness of Christ within me and those around me is elevated. Those moments offer a richness in prayer I cannot otherwise discover. I come to the altar expecting to be transformed and hope that you do too. Come, join the Sacred Meal and draw near to Christ and one another.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul