Making a Commitment

“Many hands make light work.” - John Heywood

Thank you to all who completed a pledge card already, it is a powerful image to watch so many individuals and families come forward to the altar to make an offering. While it is only one aspect of how we can each participate in the ministry of Ascension, it does have an impact on much of what we do. Cards will remain available on the Welcome Desk and can be placed in the offering at any time. There will be more personal mission statements to share in the coming weeks too!

The vestry, staff and other leadership at Ascension are deliberate in our budget process and how money is allocated and spent. In part, we each strive to be good stewards, as well as honor intent of those giving. Our upcoming workday, this Saturday starting at 8am, is one way we can help reduce expenses. Targeted deep cleaning, landscaping projects, and more, reduce expenses and improve our campus for our own use and how we can welcome others.

As we come together, in our pledge commitment, in our work day, and in the life and ministry here at Ascension, consider how it also sustains you. While the acts of giving and serving may be outward offerings, most who do so regularly can also describe what they receive in the process. Perhaps there are others who may join us as we endeavor to know God's love, as we seek to share it with the world.  

Blessings -
Fr. Paul