Change Can Be . . .

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”  - Frank Zappa

Change can be challenging, even when there is clear motivation and positive direction throughout. As we prepare for the holidays, most of us have a heightened awareness about tradition. There are things we would rather not see changed; yet each holiday gathering is also utterly unique. Even if the same individuals gather year after year, we each have changed.

There are some exciting changes at Ascension. There are new individuals and families among us in worship. Please help us continue our welcome to them and connect them to ministry. Further, the renovation project in the Upper Building is finally underway. Planning for our other capital projects continues with more updates in the coming weeks.

As we move toward Advent, we also face some changes with our relationship with the Diocese. Bishop George Sumner announced that Bishop Wayne Smith will be providing oversight for the parishes wishing to offer marriage equality. To read his full announcement click here.  Bishop Smith is nearing retirement as Bishop Diocesan in Missouri, but will continue this oversight in retirement. As we face the various changes in life and in our ministry together, may we seek God's guidance in all we do.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul