The Spirit of God

The Spirit of God is such an amazing blessing to us.  As followers of Jesus, this gift of the spirit guides us and unites in our calling.  Yet, there are times when it is more obviously present than others.  The scriptures assure us of God's presence whenever two or more gather in God's name.  Further, we often come to worship seeking God, so it is no surprise when we are aware of the spirit of God in worship. was noteworthy as we worshiped yesterday.  I imagine this is true for someone each week, but there do seem to be moments when you can tell many of those gathered are experience that same feeling.  For me, it came during the offertory during the 10:15 service yesterday.  Indeed, all the events leading up to that moment set the stage, even our anticipation of what was about to happen in the Eucharist informed that moment.

The choir was singing "Order my steps" by Glenn Burleigh, the acolytes were preparing the altar, the people were making their offering and soaking it all up, then a few started to clap and the congregation began to sway, united in the Spirit of God.  Maybe you felt it too.

See you in church...
Fr. Paul