In Gratitude

Day to day it is hard to maintain the perspective of how truly blessed we are. Our time and place in history is unique in so far as how well we are able to address general human need. Certainly, there is still great need in this world, yet as a whole, our needs are being met in unprecedented ways. This is particularly true in our country. 

As we gather for Thanksgiving, we do well to acknowledge this blessing as best we are able. Perhaps this can frame our thinking and expectation as we enter a season of great spending during the holidays. Black Friday gives way to spending that exceeds most needs. 

Acknowledgments of gratitude and love often take the shape of gift-giving in this season. In some cases, these gifts could be reconsidered for the sake of supporting a cause or organization of meaning. Other times, gifts themselves can support the needs of others. This Sunday we will welcome Honduras Threads during our "Ascension Ed" hour (9am in the Parish Hall). We will gather to hear more about their mission and ministry.  I hope you will join us.

Blessings -
Fr. Paul