Serving our neighbors

Ascension members serve our neighbors in a variety of ways.  As a part of that, we have also tried to show our appreciation to the Firefighters at Station #28, our immediate neighbor to the South of Church.  We have met at church to take the food over, which has been fun.  Some had asked if this was the best way to show our support.  To that end our Formation Director, Sarah Klitzke, recently met with Fire Chief Ray O'Dell.  She offers the following as an update:

Recently, I met with Station 28 Fire Chief, Ray O’Dell. We spent some time talking about how Ascension can be good neighbors and show our appreciation to the firefighters and emergency workers at Station 28. He told me that they have loved the food that Ascension brings on Thanksgiving, but that often they get food from hotels that cater on holidays for the stations as well. He said that they felt that they would benefit more from an invitation to share meals with us at a different time, such as parish-wide picnics, events, and fundraisers. We discussed some other options as well; collecting for a donation of an item off their station wish-list around Christmas and having the children deliver it, or even the possibility of a service project at the station. I think there are a lot of ways that we can continue to be good neighbors to them in the way that benefits them the most. I will continue to communicate with Chief O’Dell and keep our Ascension family informed.