Online Directory

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.    
- George Bernard Shaw

The nature of communication has changed dramatically over the last century, even more so over the past few decades. There are more modes and methods to communicate than ever before. Even so, these have not replaced the merits or value of long-standing methods. For example, a handwritten note of thanks or encouragement is still treasured. 

As a community, we try to make the most of the variety of methods. Generally, we ascribe to the communicate early and often theory. Our weekly email and bulletins include information about events or groups that meet, the website includes this as well as registrations and general information about our church. We also post to social media regularly, to both encourage participation, but also with pictures to celebrate recent events. 

One area that has been challenging lately is how best to allow members to be in touch with one another. Some simply exchange contact information, or connect via social media. In the past we had picture directories that helped members to meet others and be in touch. Our database actually allows us to host an online church directory. It is secure, as each member must create an account, additionally, one must be in the database before an account can be established.  

You can set up your access with this link:
Once you have, you will have to click the box to be included in the church directory. From there you can control how much information is shared. You can also update contact information or pictures as your preference. Most of the vestry and committee chairs have created an account to this online directory. The more people that participate the more helpful it will be. 

Blessings -
Fr. Paul