A "Back to In-Person Worship" Message from Father Paul

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WEEK OF MAY 13, 2021

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.       

- Coretta Scott King          

Dear Ascension Family,

I heard from many of you following our announcement about our summer formation and worship schedule. The feedback offered was helpful. Along with affirmations for what we planned, some challenges were noted. Based on your feedback, we are revising our summer schedule to address as many of these issues as possible.  Our new schedule, outlined below, will begin on Sunday, May 30 (Memorial Day weekend).

Formation will remain at 9:00 am. Our Sunday morning formation offerings will continue to be virtual until further notice. As you might imagine, the combining of virtual and in-person offerings complicates our timeline. Arriving promptly for formation will help ensure we can also end on time and transition to worship well.

Worship will move to 10:30 am, and it will be both virtual and in person. We believe this is the best solution for the time being. This new schedule will mean those online will experience seeing familiar faces in the pews while worshipping.  We hope it may also help members better assess when they feel comfortable returning to church in person.  If you plan to attend worship in person, please plan on sharing the space with a few cameras. We expect a new system soon that will improve this aspect, but in the meantime, we can minimize the impact this has on your experience.

We hope to continue to expand upon what we offer in person. As an example, we will not have childcare available on May 30, but we hope to add it soon.  Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding. 


Blessings -