The Altar Guild 

"The basic duties of the Altar Guild are to prepare the necessary things for the celebration of the Eucharist and any other sacraments and offices of the church, so that they may be conducted in decency, order and beauty." (The Complete Training Course for Altar Guilds B Don Tylor. Morehouse Publishing. 1993)

We are a friendly and welcoming group, enjoying working behind the scenes to prepare the sanctuary for the regular Sunday services and any special services throughout the year.  We're pretty detail-oriented,  but we also have fun and enjoy good conversations and the company of friends!

There are currently four altar guild teams, each of which is on duty for a two-week period, followed by six weeks off.  During the two-week period, the time commitment is typically an hour or two on Saturday mornings, plus helping after one of the Sunday services on the two Sundays.  The team decides how to cover any additional services during the week, as necessary.  The Easter, Christmas and New Year periods are covered by a special sign-up list, so that no one team has to do all of the special services.

For more information about the Altar Guild at Ascension, please contact the Director, Judith Marshall, via the church office or