Formation offerings for adults

Formation (Christian Education) is open to everyone and you are welcome to join anytime. Our Sunday formation begins at 9:00-9:50 each week during the school year.

Ascension Ed: Parish Hall

Short, forum style classes relating to faith and spirituality followed by lively discussions of the implications on our Christian life.

Men’s Bible Fellowship

Office Conference Room. Open to all men regardless of age. This group focuses on reading and conversation over books about life, work, and God; also great fellowship and “darn good coffee”.

Ukulele/Music Group

Ascension’s own “No-Name Ukulele Group” has been practicing and performing together for awhile now, and they bring joy to everyone they meet. Check them out during formation hour; sing along or grab your ukulele and join in!

Other Formation Opportunities

Wednesday Bible Study: 11:00am in the Office Conference Room

This mid-week, mid-day study will focus on the readings used in our Sunday worship. Join as able if you are free. No weekly commitment required, but we would love to have you!

Adult Choir:(10:15 service)

Rehearses Sunday mornings from 9:15- 10:00am and Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:30pm.

Intergenerational Formation:

Occasionally, we will meet with all the classes together in the parish hall for special programs during formation hour. Keep an eye out for those dates and announcements in the bulletin. These will often be close to high Holy Days and will include creative programming for all ages.

Monthly Fellowship Opportunities

Young Adults/Young Families (varies):

Various gatherings for young adults and young families. From lunches to game nights, to pool parties, this is a great place to find community. Please contact Sarah Kiltzke to be put on the list for announcements from this group.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Klitzke, Director of Christian Formation, at any
time or speak with a member of the clergy.


Online Options:

Many of our Ascension Ed (and other offerings) are captured on video.  The sessions are posted to YouTube here and on our "Celebrations" channel that can be found on the video page (under 'media') in the main navigation.  See a recent session below (the next 2 Sundays are a continuation of this teaching)