Noon (Dinka)

The Episcopal Church offers worship that follows an ancient practice and pattern.  In some sense, any given service is like entering a conversation (between God and God’s people) that is already in progress.  For those who are accustom to this style of worship, it may provide comfort, yet continue to form the faith within.  For those who are new to the faith, or to this style of worship, it may be challenging.  Participating on a regular basis will bear the best response for an individual and the community at large as well.


The 8:00 am service at Ascension is rather intimate and tends toward the contemplative.  The early hour allows one to begin their day with worship.  It includes reading from scripture, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion.  From time to time it includes music as well.


The 10:00 am service at Ascension is a vibrant expression of our service.  It is a diverse gathering, where all are welcome.  The festive procession includes the choir that helps lead worship.  This service includes scripture, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion as well.


The Noon service at Ascension is primarily for the Sudanese community, although all are welcome.  The songs, prayers and readings are primarily in the Dinka language.  It includes Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month.