Who Are Episcopalians?

The world has many faiths, sometimes also known as religions. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are the largest faiths in the world today. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are each unique faiths, but also hold much in common. These are sometimes known as Abrahamic religions, that is to say we each hold Abraham as a sacred leader. Each of these faiths has scriptures, or holy writings that outline the covenant between Abraham and God. How each faith follows this covenant varies.
As the Christian faith grew it has taken many forms. Early followers worked to describe the faith and establish doctrine, or core beliefs. Over time, many Christian churches (or denominations) were established. The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion and known is most nations as the “Anglican” Church. Our denomination was born out of a desire for a “middle way”. In a time of tremendous change, known as the Reformation, our church sought to balance the ancient traditions of sacraments with innovations such as providing scripture and worship in the language of those gathered and lay leadership.
The Episcopal Church honors its origin still. The worship is still anchored by the seven sacraments, led by those ordained in an apostolic succession. Yet, it seeks to be relevant to an ever-changing culture by a full incorporation of lay leaders in the decisions of the body. This often allows our church to be more progressive on issues of the times in which we live.