Elaine Kadane Food Pantry

The Elaine Kadane Food Pantry began in January of 1992 and named in honor of the woman who inspired the congregation to take action and establish the pantry for those families in need.


The Food Pantry at Ascension provides bagged goods to needy families every first and third Tuesday of the month from 9:30-11:30p. Approximately 100 bags are distributed every month and each bag costs approximately $10.00. All monies that support the food pantry are raised from individuals, grants or corporations.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Help purchase food (once per month)
  • Assist with stocking shelves.
  • Register recipients.
  • Provide coffee and donuts to recipients (1-2x per year).
  • Provide added support for filling bags during the holidays.
  • Participate in food drives several times per year.

Minimal training required to get involved. Contact the leaders in charge for more information.

Leaders In Charge:
Anne Vernon (contact the church: 214-340-4196)
Hope Harbeck (hharbeck @sbcglobal.net)