Outreach Ministry

(We Call it ‘Ascension Outbound’)

Episcopal Church of the Ascension has been involved in ministry to the community for many years. These ministries we often refer to as the “foundational” ministries include the Elaine Kadane Food Pantry and Austin Street Center where volunteers provide meals once a month. Both of these ministries have been successfully operating for over 15 years and are the foundation from which we have built sustainable outreach programs.


In 2004, Ascension began to view outreach to the community a bit differently based on “externally focused church” concepts initially introduced by Eric Swanson (The Externally Focused Church, Rusaw and Swanson, 2004).

Externally focused churches are internally strong, but focus outwardly beyond the walls of the church; they join hands with partners, building bridges to the community.


In early 2005, Ascension began to focus externally by first researching the needs of the community and more specifically identifying needs within the church’s zip code of 75243. Through this effort, Stults Road Elementary was identified and Ascension members initially met with the then principal, Darwin Spiller. The school’s needs were identified and months later, programs began to be put in place to address those needs. These early efforts began the formation of what now is called Ascension Outbound, focusing OUT into the community and the world.


These early efforts began the formation of what is now called Ascension Outbound, focusing OUT into the community and the world.

Mission Statement

Ascension Outbound is committed to making God’s infinite love a living presence in our community, serving the needs of our neighbors and the world with compassion to transform lives and ignite a spirit of hope.Today, Ascension Outbound includes eight (7) ministries encompassing six community partnerships as highlighted below. Come join us and get OUT in the world in service and make a difference in the lives of those in need.


Ascension Outbound Ministries

Elaine Kadane Food Pantry

 Austin Street Center (Feed the Homeless)

Stults Road Elementary School

Harvest of Hope Community Garden

Tasby Middle School

Community of Hope Block Party

Thanksgiving Dinner to Fire Station #28

Lenten Service Day