May God Inspire Your Resolutions

“Resolution One: I will live for God.


Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.”

– Jonathan Edwards


The New Year often sparks an interest in resolutions, or “restarts”. Taking time to rededicate ourselves to tasks and principles is a worthwhile endeavor. Even so, for every resolution there is another worry about how quickly it may fail. Indeed, as we strive to be better in any given area, we must realize that we may not be successful in each resolution offered.

Resolutions that are quantifiable may help you stay on track. Aim also to be realistic in your expectations: many who have set out the read the Bible from beginning to end in a year get tangled up in some of the genealogies that come early. Selecting a smaller portion of scripture may be more realistic, indeed, it may be more rewarding for most.

Whatever resolutions you aspire to keep as we enter this New Year, I hope that some will be spiritual in nature. Committing to scripture, the community of faith as we assemble for worship, to the outreach to those in need are all resolutions that will be rewarding. May God inspire you to greatness in your resolutions and may we all rely on the grace of God where we fall short.

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